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February 2020
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Nurturing Brain Development
Wednesday, Feb 26 2020 6:15PM - 9:15PM
Sessions 1    Class# 1921529
Location The Center For Jewish Education (view map)
In this workshop we will look at the science of infant brain development and focus on caring techniques that promote brain development, social emotional development and communication. (more details)
Price: $25.00

Active Bodies, Active Minds
Thursday, Feb 27 2020 6:15PM - 9:15PM
Sessions 1    Class# 1921531
Location Baltimore Infants & Toddler Building (view map)
Price: $25.00

Know, Love, Teach: Infants and Toddlers, Module 2
Saturday, Mar 7 2020 9:00AM - 3:30PM
Sessions 1    Class# 1921533
Location Family Tree 1st Floor Conference Room (view map)
Discussion will center on intentional caregiving that supports social and emotional development. (more details)
Price: $30.00

Transition Techniques
Monday, Mar 16 2020 6:15PM - 9:15PM
Sessions 1    Class# 1921536
Location Julie Community Center (view map)
Participants in this workshop will identify developmentally appropriate strategies to decrease wait time for children as well as determine supports, cues and other techniques that will ensure smooth transitions. (more details)
Price: $25.00

Cultivating Creative Problem Solving
Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 6:15PM - 9:15PM
Sessions 1    Class# 1921544
Location The Center For Jewish Education (view map)
In this training participants will learn how to teach their young students to manage their emotions and resolve conflicts collaboratively with their peers. Participants will also practice appropriate responses to resolving conflict. (more details)
Price: $25.00